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Material will be digested into solution using a weak sulfuric acid mix. Copper will be plated from solution using an electro-winning process.  

August 2018

  1. Packaging
    1 ton supersacks, drums, gaylords with liner and no holes


  2. Material Identification
    Pictures of material/packaging should be made available upon request. TCLP of product required.


  3. Physical characteristics​​
    i)     All passing 1/8 inch
    ii)    No deleterious material - debris, papers, wood, plastics etc.
    iii)   Moisture 12-15%


  4. Chemical
    i)     Copper more than 20% dry basis
    ii)    Cr, Zn, Fe < 2%
    iii)   Hg < 1pbb
    iv)   As, Cd < 2ppm
    v)    Be < 2ppm
    vi)   F < 10ppm
    vii)  Cl, Br < 100ppm
    viii) Radioactivity - not detected
    ix)   Pb, Ca, Mg, Na, K, S < 1%
    x)    Oils and organic material < 0.05%
    xi)   Acid insoluble <5%
    xii)  Others not itemized < 0.1%

    Off spec material subject to rejection or negotiation of acceptance terms


  5. Weighing, sampling and lot size
    i)     Weigh gross weight and net estimated containers
    ii)    Samples taken from each container by spike and split into 4 – 1 assay and 3 retain.
    iii)   Blend based on lot size
    iv)   Lot size either – truckload, multiple trucks must be delivered within 7 day period
    v)    Moisture at 105C for 24hrs+
    vi)   Third party assay to be agreed upon.


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