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WPCR Competitive Advantage

WPCR's most significant advantages are that the facility is fully installed, permitted, has all major utilities under contract and already performed the upfront significant CapEx as well as a reputation as a refinery capable of generating a high-quality copper cathode.  Any other EMEW facilities are tied to a specific raw material resource and are at their design capacity.  This facility could be the first to utilize other feed stocks, currently with no market value.  Competition is extremely low due to up front capital costs.


PM Power Group has applied for a Business Process Patent for this collection process for WPCR.  “System and Method for Recycling Metals from Industrial Wastes” application file reference number 62823-9 was applied for by PM Power Group with a Priority Claim and Document date of August 22, 2016, and earlier application number 62/377,828.  Patent for this process is pending.


The WPCR project has significant political support.  JR Richardson, the team Safety and Technical Manager, also has key access to many State and Local officials who have shown their support.  We were toured by both political parties extensively prior to the most recent election and have access to all local units of Government.  We work closely with KEDA, the EDC, MDEQ, and so on to make sure we are ahead of the game politically. 


COO Zachary Halkola and State Representative Dianda reviewing our finished cathode product and raw materials.   We were also visited by the Representative Elect Ed McBroom during election as well as access to countless other officials.

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