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White Pine Copper Refinery – PM Recovery Systems

Producing pure Copper cathode from recovery of landfill diverted material and low to high grade copper scrap.

  • PM Power Group is a privately held company with a  potential $700M revenue run rate utilizing 2 new technologies and leveraging a fully permitted industrial site capable of producing 157,000,000 lbs. of copper.

  • This project will catch the beginning of a 15-year copper super cycle.

  • It will be utilized to super charge the electric vehicle industry with Michigan based ecofriendly company.

  • Demand for copper will also be driven by other emerging technologies including building and construction, data centers, smart grids, HVDC networks and energy storage.

  • PM Power Group (PMPG) / White Pine Copper Refinery (WPCR) have the right ESG focus to provide sustainable copper to the strained supply chain.

Cathode in rack.png
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